What Does Genital Warts Look Like

Have you ever wondered what does genital warts look like? It’s a good thing to know if you want to be able to identify them and get them treated. If you don’t know you have genital warts you can infect other people so it’s important you know what to look for so you can deal with them early.

Genital warts are caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). There are many types of this virus and only a few of them cause warts. The virus is spread by having sex with an infected person and the warts usually show up close to where the infection happened. Not everyone who’s infected with the virus will have warts, so you can’t tell by looking if there’s a risk of you catching it yourself. Most cases of genital warts show up on or near the genitals and anus, so that’s where you need to check for them.

What Does Genital Warts Look Like

What does genital warts look like depends on how long they’ve been growing and sometimes where they are, but in general they’re lumpy growths that usually look like a tiny cauliflower. They may be found singly but usually they form clusters. In men they usually appear round the head of the penis but they can be anywhere on the genitals. In women they often develop inside the vagina; if this happens you can’t see them but they can be felt. A single wart can be very small, from 1 to 5 mm wide, but clusters can be a lot larger than that. If they’re left untreated they can continue growing until they’re very obvious.

What does genital warts look like – rough or smooth

The surface of the warts can be hard if keratin has built up in them, but often they’re quite soft. The surface is almost always rough though – if you have a smooth lump it’s probably not a wart (but you should get it checked by a doctor anyway!) Most genital warts look like small bumps on the skin but they can also grow into stalks. This often happens in the middle of a large cluster. Stalks or clusters sometimes bleed, especially after washing or if you put pressure on them; the warts have a blood supply, and if the flesh tears bleeding is the result.

Genital Warts

What does genital warts look like – white through brown

One thing that sometimes confuses people about how genital warts look is the color. Usually they look white or pale pink, but they can also be a much darker red or even brown. Sometimes the skin around them can become reddened too, and when this happens there’s often itching or discomfort.

Usually there aren’t any symptoms apart from the warts themselves, and no risk of more serious problems developing, but it’s still important to identify them and get them treated. Next time you’re asked “what does genital warts look like” you’ll be able to answer easily.

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What Does Genital Warts Look Like
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