Is Genital Warts Curable

Virus incurable so what’s to do?

If you’re worried about being exposed to common STIs you’re probably wondering, is genital warts curable? This widespread condition is caused by the Human Papilloma Virus, or HPV, which has been quite noticeable in the news over the last few years because of the controversy over vaccinations.

Once you’ve been infected with HPV there’s no cure for the virus itself, but don’t worry; that doesn’t mean nothing can be done. There are several ways to treat genital warts and even if you can’t get rid of the virus, dealing with the warts themselves will be a big help. It’s especially important if you’re pregnant, because if you give birth while you still have warts there’s an increased risk of complications.

Genital warts can be treated the same way as any other wart. They’re basically small fleshy growths with their own blood supply that form around the site where the virus entered the body. If the wart can be removed the skin will heal up, usually with very little scarring – in fact often it’s impossible to tell that the wart was there. There’s a chance that the wart will grow again but very often they don’t, and in any case most people with HPV will naturally lose the infection within two years as their immune system clears it out; once the virus is gone the warts will stop reappearing.

Choices of treatment

There are two basic ways to treat genital warts. The first is by using specialist topical medicines or some other chemical that breaks down the wart and kills the cells in it. The wart basically dies and falls off. There are a range of drops and creams available that will do this, plus a large number of folk remedies. Some of these work very well, and others don’t. Effectively curing genital warts chemically can take up to two weeks depending on the size of the warts and the substance used to treat them.

The second solution is physical removal. This is the quickest method but can be painful and sometimes leaves more noticeable scars. There are several ways to cure genital warts physically but they’re all based on the same principle – removing the growth. The simplest is to cut it out, usually under a local anesthetic. In severe cases surgery may be needed; this usually happens when the warts are internal, such as inside the vagina, or when the patient is a child. 

Is Genital Warts Curable

Extreme heat and cold are both effective remedies and warts can be frozen off with liquid nitrogen or cauterized with a heated wire loop. Neither of these are anywhere near as painful as they sound! Finally, laser ablation is being trialed by some doctors. So far it’s not as effective and costs are high, but it has a lot of potential as equipment and techniques improve.

The answer your looking for

The best treatment method always depends on the individual, but there are many to choose from. It’s extremely rare that none of them can be used. Is genital warts curable? Yes!

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Is Genital Warts Curable
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