Can You Get Rid of HPV

Can you get rid of HPV - human papilloma virus?

The question being asked by an increasing number of people is can you get rid of hpv completely from your system. In this article, we shall briefly look at the virus itself, what diseases it can cause and what you can do to try and fight the virus by increasing your body’s immunity.

Can you get rid of hpv – what is it?

The human papilloma virus (HPV) is a well recognized virus that can cause genital warts and cervical cancer. It is a sexually transmitted virus that can linger on for years and cause a great amount of distress to the patient. HPV is constantly being researched in the scientific world in an attempt to understand the virus further and to see if there is a cure available. So far, treatments have been identified, but many a times the treatments may be offered too late especially in the case of cervical cancer.

Can You Get Rid of HPV

Human papilloma virus is a ‘papillomavirus’ that can affect the skin cells and cause a variety of different problems. It is the cause of numerous clinical conditions such as genital warts, warts on the feet (plantar warts), cancers of the genitals (cervical cancer) and oral cancer (in the mouth).

The symptoms and signs of HPV infection depend on the site where the infection has occurred. It is transmitted through sexual contact and can take a while to manifest. Patients may pick up a HPV infection without realizing it, and the virus can stay dormant before the patient starts to experience any lesions or signs.

In the event of an infection, patients require fairly urgent treatment. Treatment options can vary between conditions, and can range between simple over the counter measures to medical therapies and advanced surgical options. Next, we take a look at some of the natural treatments that can increase an individuals’ capability of fighting this virus.

Can you get rid of hpv – natural immunity increasers?

There are a number of natural ingredients that are available that can help increase the patient’s ability to fight the HPV virus. Below are some of the popular ones available. Can you get rid of hpv through diet changes? Seems you can certainly improve your chances.

Green tea

Green tea is now recognized as an anti-oxidant rich treatment that can effectively fight toxic free radicals that are responsible for the death of cells and the development of cancers. It is popular as a treatment to stay young (i.e. as an anti-ageing treatment) though research is showing increasing number of benefits of this special tea. 

This anti-oxidant effect can help the body fight against HPV infection. In particular, green tea is rich in Epigallocatechin-3-gallate which blocks certain specialized factors in the blood that can promote the growth of cancer cells. These factors include epidermal growth factor, which is a well recognized factor in the development of cancer. 

This effect has in fact been proven in clinical studies. More recently, green tea ointments, capsules and even suppositories are available that can help treat HPV by increasing the body’s ability to fight the virus.

Increase vegetable intake

Fresh vegetables such as cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and broccoli are rich in a specific compound called indole-3-carbinol. This natural compound has been shown to help fight the effects of HPV on the cells of the cervix, and can prevent cancer of the cervix. 

Similar effects can also be seen in patients with genital warts as well. In fact, research has shown this compound can cause regression of the cancer in a natural manner when compared to a placebo drug.

Fresh fruits

These are rich in vitamin C which has been proven from a number of studies to possess powerful anti-oxidant properties and effects against cancer. Studies have shown that vitamin C levels are low in women who suffer from early stages of cervical cancer (cervical dysplasia). 

In other words, increasing the intake of vitamin C rich fruits such as citrus fruits can provide the necessary protective effect that can fight the effect of HPV on the cells of the cervix and prevent the development of cervical cancer in women.

Application of apple cider vinegar

Application of apple cider vinegar to the affected area is believed to help treat localized HPV infection. However, we always recommend that before applying any medication or natural product to an area that needs treatment that you seek medical advice from a trained professional with experience in treatments for HPV.

Coriolus versicolor

This is a specialized fungus that is mostly utilized in Asian countries as an immunomodulator agent – one that increases the body’s immune response to viruses like HPV. In particular, the fungus can cause regression and the slowing down of the growth of cervical dysplasia through this enhanced immune response. 

This is even true in patients who have the high risk virus that is highly likely to cause cervical cancer and similar genital conditions. Coriolus versicolor is marketed in capsule or as an extract and sometimes as tea.

Can you get rid of hpv – Conclusion

As noted above, there are a fair few courses of action that are naturally available that can increase the body’s ability to fight HPV infection. However, it is always recommended that patients who suffer from HPV or suspect that they do seek medical attention and get a clear cut diagnosis before trying any natural remedies to manage this condition. On many occasions, natural treatments that increase the immunity of the body can be used as additional treatments in HPV management.

Yes, human papilloma virus is a known cause of genital warts and cervical cancer, but one sure way to counter these problems appears to be by strengthening your immune system to repel the virus.

While there are numerous medical treatments available, many simple almost common sense treatments can help improve the immunity and your body’s ability to fight off the infection. Studies are still being conducted, and it seems that for the moment combination treatments are more likely to be effective in HPV treatment. So in answer to the question can you get rid of HPV, yes there are treatments and lifestyle changes,  that can help you get rid of HPV.

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Can You Get Rid of HPV
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