HPV In Men - Do You Know About This?

Human papillomavirus cannot only infect women. HPV in man is also possible. They may have gotten the infection during sexual intercourse without knowing that their partner is infected with HPV.

In the diagnosis if HPV in men the virus can be transmitted to their partner through sexual contact. It could possibly expose the partner to vulvar and cervical cancer and it depends on what type of HPV or genital warts he does carry.

Bumps or growths of warts in the genital area are the low-risk HPV while the flat and nearly visible ones that can contribute to the development of vulva, anal and cervical cancers are the high-risk HPV. The infection may not have symptoms and cannot be detected unless laboratory examinations are done. At some point in their life they will have HPV since more than half of the male population is sexually active.

HPV In Men - Do You Know About This?

There are thirty or more kinds of HPV that contribute to genital cancers that can result in anal or penile cancer in men.

By having a good immune system, the cancer types mentioned are very rare. But there are cases reported that some men were diagnosed with cancer of the penis or anus. Male HPV that contributes in developing anal cancer is higher in bisexual and gay men who are sexually active than men who are only having sexual intercourse with women.

HIV-infected men are at a higher risk of having anal cancer as well. Other kinds of HPV cause genital warts but rarely cause cancer in men. There are about one percent of men who are sexually active who can acquire genital warts.

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HPV In Men - Do You Know About This?
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