Witch Hazel to get Rid of Genital Warts

If you’re looking for ideas on how to get rid of genital warts with witch hazel then you’ve come to the right place. Initially you might find yourself confused by the range of choice you have when asking the question how to get rid of genital warts. It seems like there are hundreds of possible treatments, going from laser ablation through pineapple to cider vinegar.  As you’d expect some of them are effective and some of them aren’t, and with the Human Papilloma Virus that causes genital warts being so common – 10% of people are infected at any one time – it’s important to find an effective cure.

Lots of the suggested ways to remove genital warts fall into the category of folk medicines, and some of these are ineffective. There are a few that get mentioned much more often than others though, such as vinegar and castor oil. One of the ones that are most popular is witch hazel. This is a solution produced from the witch hazel shrub and it’s been used as a natural remedy for hundreds – maybe thousands – of years. It’s very effective at treating swelling or inflammation, and can also remove genital warts.


Witch hazel is available from most pharmacists in a range of products. Pure distilled witch hazel is a good option for getting rid of genital warts but if you prefer it can also be bought in a gel or cream form; some people find these easier to apply, but because they’re more diluted they can take longer to work than a standard solution. You can also find skin products that contain witch hazel, but these aren’t what you’re looking for; they’re fine for clearing blocked pores, but far too dilute to be any use for removing genital warts.

Witch hazel is effective because it’s an astringent – it makes living tissue shrink. This works on warts in two ways. Firstly it encourages the growth to break up, and secondly it cuts off the blood supply the wart needs. It’s easy to use a witch hazel solution – just coat the wart with it twice a day, then leave it for at least ten minutes. Next dab away any excess solution. It’s not essential to cover the area between treatments. After a few applications the wart should begin to shrink and break up, and gentle rubbing with a cloth or even an emery board will start to strip away its outer layers. Be careful not to use anything that’s been used on a wart for any other purpose. Repeat this treatment daily for one to two weeks or until the wart is completely gone.

Other treatments can include using Apple Cider Vinegar and even Duct tape.

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Witch Hazel to get Rid of Genital Warts
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