Genital Warts in MAN - Symptoms, Treatments, Causes

Genital warts belong to the area of ​​venereal diseases.

They are triggered by HPV. The abbreviation HPV hides the human papillomaviruses. These are known as triggers for cervical cancer in women.

However, if a woman carries the HPV virus, she does not necessarily have to get malignant cervix cancer. The virus can also be latent in the body.

In addition, there are several types of HPV that can trigger different diseases, including the genital warts.

A sexual contact is enough to transmit the virus to the man. Once infected, genital warts can form.

The causes are always the presence and successful transmission of the virus, which is highly contagious. You do not notice anything about the virus transmission itself. The infection becomes evident only with the onset of warts on the skin.

Genital warts - causes and transmission possibilities

The human papillomaviruses are highly contagious. They are mainly transmitted through sexual intercourse.

Since the warts can form not only on the genital organ of the man, but also on the anus, the transmission of the virus can also take place when the pair has anal intercourse.

Particularly at risk are men who, as single or in an open relationship, often have changing partners. This is due to the fact that the possibilities of infection are more diverse.

If a man is firmly in love with a partner and remains loyal, the risk of transmission is lower. For this reason, sexually open men are more at risk.

There are other possibilities of contagion beyond traffic. Thus, warts can also be transferred during petting or when a couple bathes together.

The HP viruses also stick to towels and washcloths. If these are used together, a contagion is also possible. If there is a known infection with HP viruses, the use of towels and washcloths should be meticulously separated.

Symptoms of genital warts in men

As the name implies, the warts form on the genitalia. In man, the area around the penis shaft is often affected. But you can also spread to other areas of the penis. Also on the anus, the warts are often found.

In the initial stage, the warts are very small. They are often not noticed. They enlarge slowly and become skin-colored to brownish nodules, which usually cause no discomfort.

Only when they get bigger can they make you feel uncomfortable when you touch them. It is rare that the warts ignite, tear and cause pain.

Many men find the presence of the warts alone unpleasant and want a quick therapy. This is especially true when the man is sexually very active.

Because of the infection to the onset of the genital warts at least two weeks, but often can pass several months, the warts are initially not perceived. They are only the size of a pin. A connection with the infection is usually not provided due to the long incubation period.

The diagnosis in the man

The urologist is responsible for assessing the origin of the warts.

If you visit the doctor personally, he will examine the warts and eventually take a sample by performing a puncture.

Since the assessment of the warts usually brings a clear result, also an online doctor can be consulted. This alternative is quick and convenient, because you do not have to leave the house.

You fill out an online questionnaire, in which you describe the problem in detail. You send this to the online doctor, who then issues a prescription for the appropriate drug.

The symptoms will gradually disappear during the treatment. It is important that you continue the treatment until the warts are really gone.

Possibilities of therapy of genital warts

As a patient, you can choose between two types of therapy. The chosen variant is ultimately dependent on the size of the warts and your complaints.

If the genital warts are still small and you are symptom free, the doctor will prescribe you an ointment that you apply daily to the warts. The active ingredients in the ointment ensure that the warts dissolve. At the same time your skin is cared for, so that after the regression of the warts, there are no traces left.

This type of therapy takes a longer period of time because the warts can stubbornly stick to the skin. You must therefore expect that you perform the ointment treatment over several weeks.

The advantage of this therapy is that you can have prescription drugs issued by your online doctor and therefore need not visit your family doctor.

If the warts are big, if they cause pain or if they lie in an unfavorable place, for example on the anus, it is possible to make a desolation. This is done with local anesthesia.

The advantage of this variant lies in the short duration of therapy, because the warts disappear after the sclerotherapy very fast.

Alternatively, the doctor can brush the warts with a solution that also provides for rapid dissolution. However, these medications are not suitable for home use. However, they get rid of the warts faster and do not need several weeks of ointment treatment. Sometimes, this type of therapy is not painless and you have to accept the path to the doctor.

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Genital Warts in MAN - Symptoms, Treatments, Causes
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