Which symptoms are typical of genital warts?

Genital warts are among the venereal diseases that occur in the genital and anal area.

This viral disease is easily transmitted and is therefore considered one of the most common communicable diseases due to sexual intercourse. It is officially estimated that about one to two percent of sexually active persons are affected by condylomata.

Similarly, there is a part of the population that carry the virus as a carrier of genital herpes without developing symptoms. They too are considered transmitters of genital warts.

A treatment is required, as condylomas otherwise spread on the skin.

Causes of genital warts

Responsible for the spread are human papillomaviruses.

So far, 90 different types of HPV are known, 50 of them cause condyloma. Specifically, these are Type 6 and Type 11. For the majority of those affected, these two types can be identified as the causer.

Isolated occur also type 16 and type 18 of the human Papillomaviren. These two types are currently also considered causative agents for cancers in the genital area. Experts talk about the possible development of cervical cancer in women and male penile cancer.

A transmission from pregnant women is also possible during the birth phase. It can infect the newborn with the warts.

This is how warts develop

Transmission takes place during intensive skin contact between two persons.

The already infected person transmits the human papillomavirus, whereupon these viruses nest in the upper layers of the skin and in the man in the mucosal layers around the penis. The virus can also settle on the anus.

Most people then develop the nodular growths on the skin. The viruses themselves multiply, which is why more and more warts arise.

Even fine cracks in the skin or inflammation in the genital area can provoke the virus outbreak. A weakened immune system can also favor the development of the warts.

Symptoms of genital warts - clearly visible

It takes a period of at least two to four weeks until the first genital warts are seen as a small, pinhead-sized node.

Characteristic is the reddish-brownish or even whitish color of the warts. Especially when it comes to white warts on the skin, they are often overlooked in the first time.

Only when they grow or multiply they are obvious. Keep in mind that before you can see it, you can carry the virus and infect other people!

Inform therefore past sexual partners about the viral disease, so that they can be treated. Another reason why condoms are overlooked is that they appear almost symptom-free.

Very rarely, there are ailments such as pain or itching. Very rarely are the warts associated with itching. Then they can cause small cracks. Here, a spreading of the warts is possible.

In men, symptoms are usually visible on the penile shaft or the foreskin. Thereafter, the condylomas also occur at the urethra opening, the urethra itself and the anus.

They can spread to the rectum without medical treatment.

In women, in turn, genital warts occur first on the labia and in the vaginal entrance. Again, they spread to the anus, the vaginal entrance and into the rectum. The cervix can also be affected.

There is an increased risk of developing malignant tumors on the cervix.

New treatment routes: the online doctor

Take advantage of the concept of new online treatments.

They answer a questionnaire, which is checked by a doctor and then issues an online prescription.

Subsequently, you will receive a prescription medication sent home by discretion.

The advantage of the online therapy is obvious: you save yourself long distances, waiting times and above all be treated discreetly. Then you can start directly with the therapy at home.

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Which symptoms are typical of genital warts?
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